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starprint-printer app for android


Ultimate Mobile Printing Application


StarPrint is an Android Print App that can print directly to more than 4000 printer models, via USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. This is also the app for office that can read most of document formats such as txt, pdf, web, MS Office, Open Office, and pictures files.


Smart and Easy

Once active, StarPrint automatically detects and registered printer around. Printing is easy and natural, even more than on PC. Multiple print can be submitted without necessity to wait for prior job to be completed.



Free of charge, free of wire, free of PC, are what this app brings to you. Anything else? Let discover yourself this free print app!


Picture is more than thousand words.


Thanks for looking. We are here to help.
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    How to Use

    If you have not used any printing app before, let check this guideline to master StarPrint in minutes.

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    Have a question about StarPrint? Let check FAQs for answers.

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    Printer Support

    4000+ printer models does not mean all printers. You can search your printer model to know whether it is compatible with StarPrint, or easily just install and let the app do it for you.

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    Privacy Policy

    We always respect user's privacy and market policy by minimize chances to use your data in device by the app. The app only access data with user's permission and only if that data is neccessary for requested operation. Check app's privacy policy for detail.

For Developer

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StarPrint Intents, APF SDK (Android Printing SDK) are ready for your use.