My friend – Josh, is a technology worshipper. He always brings his Samsung smartphone everywhere he is. He loves it because he can do many things even when he is not in the office. It looks like a mobile office that he can send email, chatwork, check Excel document, edit simple MS Word, ect. However, he got an issue


We usually receive feedback of users about compatibility between StartPrint and users’ printers. Our team discussed and worked together to solve this issue because StarPrint’s mission is helping users easily print from tablets and smartphones anywhere, anytime.

After A, I, V, and R (as in artificial intelligence and virtual reality), the next most important letter at Google’s just-concluded I/O conference here had to have been N.

That’s the letter assigned to the next version of its Android operating system, the subject of a major part of the keynote Wednesday. Google will almost certainly name it  after a dessert beginning with “n,” in keeping with its habit of thinking with its sweet tooth when christening new Android releases.

We usually hear many compliments about iPhone and its system. But we completely enhance our Android phones by some intelligent ways below:

1. Install an Android optimizer

Apps such as Android Booster and Android Assistant give you the power to automatically kill apps that run in the background, gobbling up battery life and draining CPU. You can set a monthly data limit and monitor exactly how much data you’ve downloaded over 3G and 4G networks, and you can purge your cache, history, etc.

You have lots of applications on your phone such as StarPrint, Chrome, game, etc but your battery is drained very quickly. Therefore, you have to be smart and proactively manage the battery in your phone. There are many ways to improve battery life on Android phones. Here is some tips that may help you to extend your android phone’s battery life.

  1. Reduce screen brightness
    One the biggest battery hogs on your android device is the screen. The brighter the screen, the more battery power it requires.