ISB Vietnam has successful released Android Printing Framework (APF), the 1st printing solution for Android bases platform in the world in November 2011.

Android Printing Framework (APF) is an intellectual achievement of Vietnamese young engineers and will be 1st launched in Embedded Technology 2011 Exhibition (ET 2011) from November 16th - 18th, 2011 at PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, Japan. ET 2011 is the largest trade show and conference for embedded system designers and managers with over 370 exhibitors.

According to Mr. Sang Tan, R&D Manager of ISB Vietnam, Android Printing Framework (APF) is a breakthrough of Android technology. He said that “Android is originally created for mobile phone which has no printing ability. So there is no way to deploy printing feature with Android application so far. The APF solves this problem completely by providing with a printing framework for Android developers.“

Actually, APF is capable to support most printers in the market (over 2700 kinds of printer) and correspond to print many kinds of document such as PDF, PS, TXT… and image such as GIF, JPG, TIF, BNM, BMP…By installing APF into Android devices, you are brought to the freedom of printing. You can print anything at anywhere, in every time. You can print at the airport, on the bus, on your car, in meeting room or your home by remote printing via IPP, internet, cloud service, Wifi direct or USB.

In occasion of awesome ET 2011 Exhibition, by showing APF- the 1st printing solution for Android bases platform, ISB Vietnam believes that APF will strongly attract the attention of device manufacturers, software developers, and ODM.

Now you can visit ET 2011 to enjoy APF with ISB (Booth No. E-36 (OESF booth)) or see demo and print sample at this link (English only);

** Reference information

1. Android Printing Framework (APF)

  • Provide end-user with printing capacity for Android platform
  • Provide developer with development framework and standards screens
  • CUPS compatible
  • Development framework
  • Support Local printer and IPP
  • Supported printers: most of popular printer brand names
  • Search available printers on the network
  • Add/Remove printer
  • Set/Get default printer
  • Read printer attributes
  • Config printing preference
  • Print, cancel printing
  • GUI and dialog: printers manager, printing setting dialog, printer default print dialog, print preview screen
  • Ability to install driver for new printer
  • And more 
  • Detect printers connected by: USB, IPP (Internet Printing Protocol), WLAN, Wifi-Direct, Bluetooth
  • Insert/Delete/Update printers
  • Manage printers through PrinterList class
  • Print/Pause/Resume/Cancel/Restart print jobs
  • Manage print job through PrintJobList class
  • Can be both Client and Print Server
  • Provide PrintDialog class as user interface to modify Print options.
  • Support to print these file types:
  • oTXT, PDF, PS (Postscript), XQX, …
  • oImage: JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, PNM …
  • oMs office, open office, html, mail

2. Introduction about ISB Vietnam Company Limited (IVC)

ISB Vietnam Company Limited is established from December of 2003 at HCMC with 100% investment of ISB Japan Group, with 02 purposes, increase profit and expand market for ISB Japan Group. Since its foundation, ISB Vietnam has accumulated experience in development offshore project with big scale for Japan Market.

  • Supply outsourcing service and develop software project for foreign market.
  • 08 years of experiences in field of development application on mobile ? embedded
    software and business application.
  • With development team over 130 engineers.
  • Achieve CMMI ? Level 3/ ISMS (ISO27001)

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