Nowadays, Wireless networks are becoming increasingly popular in office and at home, as a result, people just want to do many things remotely without moving such as “printing”.

In order to capture the demand of market, many big brand companies such as Canon, HP, Epson, Oki have continuously created many new model printers which are integrated Wifi, Bluetooth to help resolving “Remote printing” demand.

However, with the development of mobile devices, a new essential desire occurs that printing directly from the mobile devices, not via the computer or any account.
Besides, supporting of printing multi file types as below is also focused: the text files (doc, xls, ppt, pdf, txt), image (gif, jpg, tif, bmp, png), emails, text messages, website, appointment calendar, Facebook albums ...
It’s not easy to find the answers for these needs.

At ISB Vietnam Company, a group of talented engineers have answered for this problem. After more than one year for development, StarPrint is an Android application which seems to be one stop solution for the above problem. StarPrint also supports up to 3000 model printers. With StarPrint, the printing becomes really easy, the users simply select the file to print -> select the printer -> print.
StarPrint is representative product of Android Printing Framework (APF) which is great achivement of ISB VietNam.

According to the plan, from December of 2012, StarPrint will officially launch on Google Play Market. And users can download Free version of this application to experience the optimal features of the application.