Nowadays, the mobile devices are not only used for entertainment, but also used for office function such as text, email,…

 However, printing is still a restriction of Android devices. Moreover, Google Cloud printing requires internet connection to operate, which could be not really easy and convenient to user.

StarPrint was developed based on APF (Android Printing Framework), another product of IVC, to solve the printing problem totally.

With StarPrint installed, users can print many types of content such as photos, documents, and directory,... directly to the printer via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB port without necessity of internet connection.

StarPrint 1.0 supports the following content types:

  • Pictures from the gallery, camera capture, Instagram album, Facebook album.
  • SMS, Contact, Calendar
  • File PDF, PS, txt.
  • Web page, Google Doc

Other content such as e-mail, word, excel, power point will be quickly added on next version.

With over 3,000 model printer of HP, Canon, Epson, Oki,… supported, StarPrint is capable to meet any printing need of users.

Download Free on Google Play!