With all pleasure and joy of development team, StarPrint 1.1.7 version received so many good feedbacks from end-user around the world about their impression on our quickly improvement on performance and fixing couple issues for customer. It’s really a press of reputation once more time again.

Continue of that success, on March 15 th, 2013, ISB Vietnam Co., Ltd have released StarPrint version 1.02, with below updates:

  • Add raw printing: now user can use StarPrint on print system like FritzBox, or any router based raw-printing
  • Update minor fixes
  • Update driver database

This is considered as small step of improving available basic features before adding great new traits in next version. Just wait and see.

If your Android phone or tablet are still running old version of StarPrint, it is time to enjoy by upgrading to 1.02. 


Or Check out StarPrint on

Homepage: http://www.isb-vietnam.com.vn/android-printing-framework/index.php/what-is-starprint.html

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/StarPrint.Android

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ISBVietnam

G+: https://plus.google.com/113624145023558808301