If your job does not require extremely powerful hardware to do complex tasks, then you may forget your PC and use a tablet to do everything. New smartphones or tablets are fast enough and well integrated with multiple mobile working functions. Here are a few tips to use tablets for work in the smart way:

Using cloud storage

The ‘cloud storage’ term means that you uploaded data to the internet instead of storing locally on one device. Although many of us have ever heard of them, but still few people actually use them regularly.


cloud storageNowadays, technology advancement allows us to work remotely and with cross devices. For example, people may switch from PC to laptop, smartphone or tablet on business trips or in a client appointment. Sometimes, we don’t have enough time for trivial things like moving files between platforms.

Therefore, cloud storage would simplify everything because you don’t have to copy files between them. It can even save efforts in organizing data and modification. What might happen if you build a lot of draft versions or update your documents usually in different devices and platforms?

There are major cloud services you can use like Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud and Dropbox. I prefer Google Drive and OneDrive as they are supported strongly with cloud office, which mostly does anything a need for writing.


Wisely choose apps

It’s truly that tablets are only as good as the apps they run. Amongst the vast number of apps available on Google Store, Apple Store or Windows Store, you can easily get lost on finding the right ones that work. But it can make a world of difference in productivity.

Visit app marketplaces and you can find any of them that meet your needs including printing, word processing, calculation, spreadsheet, time management, photo editing, note-taking, team collaboration, reminder, translation, dictionary, etc. The best way is to install a trial version and find which app is friendlier and more intuitive.  

For example, you want something that can help to print from tablet. So you search for mobile print apps and find a lot of options. Try some of them and find out that StarPrint is a reasonable choice which is fairly priced, simple to use and work on multiple devices.

Also, look for some review articles on the web as you may luckily find some interesting recommendations you even not think would exist. As a frequent travelers, I may search for useful app for frequent business travellers

Turn off notification to avoid distraction

Usually, these notifications will tell us about device status. But they are not always useful. Many installed applications send us insignificant and disruptive alerts. This flood of notifications can affect hugely to productivity when you are using a tablet. The OS platform will allow us to turn on and off any notifications we want. So do it wisely, you can keep alert from reminders and important email services.



The point here is to avoid distraction that will interrupt the natural flow of work. Set aside a few minutes each hour to go through email and other notifications when you’re not in the middle of other things.

Prepare a portable battery or charger with you

As we use mobile devices more often, running out of battery can be a tragedy. Continuous working may cause the battery to drain really fast and reduce device battery’s life. So it may cause us stress or annoyance if the problems happen repeatedly without our preparation.

While the power source is not always available, it is ideal to find a portable battery to keep your device working until we finish tasks. Normally, a portable battery may cost you from $25 to $100.

How are you using your tablet at work?