In June-July, StarPrint Team has conducted a survey to understand printing needs of users. 

The team really appreciates that everyone responded straightforwardly to the survey. From that, we can build a better printing app to meet various demands. 

As to thank for your help, StarPrint Team did a lucky draw for all respondents. 20 lucky users in the following list will be rewarded a free StarPrint license.

*Note: The license can be transferred to another person, and cannot be redeemed for cash.

starprint winner announcement

The winners in our survey are:

1. Adolfo (

2. André Brändli (andre.braendli@...)

3. Braga Pierpaolo (bragabruno65@...)

4. Connie Sorensen (cjsorensen43@...)

5. Adam Darnell (darnelladam@...)

6. Apambire (eapambirr@...)

7. Ian Dead (ideas960@...)

8. John (johnrbpl3520@...)

9. 中田一弘 (kazu0893733@...)

10. Georges (l_heureuxgeorges@...)

11. Lynn (lynnoffl@...)

12. Mark Hunn (mdhunn@...)

13. Leonardo Quaranta (msn1944@...)

14. Rudolf Krämer (rudolf.kraemer@...)

15. Shad (shadmw@...)

16. Viswanathan (vishwanisha202@...)

17. Nicolae Zagan (zagancom@...)

18. André (andre.wolfram@...)

19. Timothy Clark (clarktimmy44@...)

20. David Baxter (david.baxter33@...)

If you are in this list, please check out inbox & reply email to confirm your reward. 

Deadline for license rewarding confirmation: 23:59 August 11th, 2015.  

After this period, if you don’t confirm, we will transfer the license to another person in the waiting list.