The popularity of mobile technology is now transforming how we work. New smartphones and tablets are equipped with powerful processors and huge memory storage, enabling us to complete daily tasks easily without desktops or laptops. As the trend will progress further, offices should be able to support mobile workers in accessing corporate utilities with flexibility.


mobile working trend 2015

There are a few things to consider about implementing a mobile printing solution:

  1. More people are using mobile devices for work.

    The term Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) has been repeatedly mentioned on many media due to the remarkable influence it will cause to any business. It’s understandable that everyone loves to work on devices which they are most familiar and comfortable with. This flexibility will improve productivity, reduce equipment cost for enterprises, but also will bring in new threats on security and management. In the survey above, 72% of employees store sensitive company data on mobile devices. What could happen when they losts the devices?
  1. Most companies still rely on print document.

    Although we advocate a paperless environment to maximize administration costs, that future seems still far away. Using information on digital environment is not always as convenient as doing things directly on paper. Storing everything on a cloud or server also exists hidden threats of data loss.
  1. Control the use of printers & ensure data security.

    To print personal things in office is not new. In fact, technology now makes it too easy to print from mobile devices if no limitation is applied for mobile devices connecting to a printer. The risks also stay in the mobile devices themselves as data is stored and processed directly on the devices. Your organization may experience data breach if no prevent measure has been used to control authentication and accessibility.
  1. Ensure printer compatibility.

    In large companies, there are often many printers in use, however, all of them can be from different manufacturers. It will be important that your print solution can solve those differences. The mobile print market is currently fragmented by different services like email print, cloud print, Wi-Fi print, Bluetooth print, etc.

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