This September, StarPrint will update to version 03.00.10 with some major changes, improvement, and bug fixes.

For all users who seek for a free android app to print from tablet or smartphone, you will find huge changes in this new version. The annoying watermark on each print page is now GONE. This removal will ensure that your content is printed completely without being overlapped. 

Besides watermark removal, there will be some advertisements in the print app. This change ensures that there will be income for us to develop new printing features for you and keep the version free for everyone. If you don’t like the ads, you can always upgrade to premium version anytime.

For users who purchased one office package or picture package before this update, it will automatically be upgraded to a full version. This means that if you only bought the license for picture package in the past, the office package will also be activated in the new upgrade for FREE. However, if you purchased both packages, there will be no change except for print performance improvement.

Upgrade to the new version today!

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