As we age, it’s a tendency for all of us to become slowlier and forgetful. Currently, there is no effective way to stop or prevent the aging process. However, an appropriate lifestyle, eating habits, and regular brain exercises can put the brakes on your mental health deterioration.

Less multitasking can be a key

It’s still controversial to say whether heavy multitaskers are suffered from a physical brain damage, which result in low concentration and productivity. On the other hand, we can admit that the brain need to recall and filter irrelevant information every time we switch tasks, so it cannot perform all successfully at once.

A group of Stanford researchers found that heavy multitaskers were actually worse at multitasking than others because they had more trouble organizing their thoughts and remember things. Therefore, we suggest that you keep a list of priority tasks and solve them one by one. Besides, you may use note-taking apps regularly and print out reference information so your brain doesn’t need to process everything at the same time.

Eat the right food for a healthy brain

Search for keyword “brain food” and you will find millions of useful results. Consumption of high green food proportion is always good for our health, in many ways. You can consider vegetables, legumes, grains, berries, veggies (red or orange color), especially fish oil and nuts.

In a study, researchers at Oxford University have shown that supplementing with B vitamins in combination with omega-3 fatty acids (as found in fish oils) can keep your mind sharp and even help your memory from failing. It is wise to choose natural products as synthesis supplement can be little good.

Get ‘gym’ for the brain every day

Just like muscles on the body getting fat without frequent exercises, your brain will also lose its super power if it doesn’t have to work very often. The trick is getting the brain to do something challenging like solving quizzes, puzzles, crosswords, sudokus or similar games for a sharper mind.

There are also a lot of apps to boost brain performance such as Lumosity, Elevate, Brain Wars, Memorado, etc. They will provide different training like speed, memory, reflection, preciseness or focus. Or you can find free crosswords or puzzles on the internet and print them out so you can practice anywhere and anytime.

It should be noted that as soon as you have passed every level of the activity, your brain already gets adapted to difficulties. Then, it is good to change activity to re-create the challenges.

Learn a new language or artistic skill

This is one of the best methods to keep your mind sharp. Not only do we learn interesting things about a new culture, but we also stimulate different parts of the brain to work together. It is recommended that you choose a language that you feel connected or the country of your dream visit. Choosing the right language can help you learn it more easily and keep studying.

Another good activity is to learn how to play an instrument or an artistic skill. In fact, one person needs to combine different senses when practicing to play an instrument. Such activities will also increase your happiness and improve emotional health. The next time you accomplish one, gather your friends to perform for them. It’s good to warm up your social life as well, isn’t it?

Overall, find any activities that you like to learn. A frequent brain exercise habit will certainly good for keeping a sharp mind as long.