Year 2016 has just begun. Have you written your own resolution for this year?

You may need a calendar to arrange schedule and time during the year.
Instead of buying table calendars or checking date on tiny screens of smartphones, you can print out these calendars by yourself everywhere, every time.


Preview Calendar-Icons of The World

In order to print these calendars, you can download these files from Google Drive and then open them with StarPrint app to print.

 Preview Calendar-Floral Style 

Below are download links

>>> Calendar: Icons of the World

>>> Calendar: Floral Style

If you want other calendar designs in the future, please register your information HERE. 

Note: You may see an error when opening files in Google Drive as it does not support our file type (*.ps). Just download to your devices and StarPrint can preview it later
>>> Please also read the following instruction to print after downloading. 


  1. Download file to your devices
  2. Open StarPrint, select to print Document
  3. Browse to where you download the files on your devices, or search for file name
  4. Select the right file and start printing steps as you usually do.
  5. Adjust options
    - Paper size: most of the calendars are designed for A4 paper size, but only some of them will be readable on A5 paper size.
    - Page range: some calendars have more than one page, and you may choose only the month you want to print out or full document.
  6. Preview: press Preview to make sure the document has been set-up exactly as you want before printing out.
  7. Print and a 2016 Calendar is ready for you!

Thank you and we wish you a Happy New Year!!!