You have lots of applications on your phone such as StarPrint, Chrome, game, etc but your battery is drained very quickly. Therefore, you have to be smart and proactively manage the battery in your phone. There are many ways to improve battery life on Android phones. Here is some tips that may help you to extend your android phone’s battery life.

  1. Reduce screen brightness
    One the biggest battery hogs on your android device is the screen. The brighter the screen, the more battery power it requires. Reducing the screen brightness can conserve more of your battery.
  2. Don’t use Live Wallpapers
    Even though using live wallpaper can make your android phone look cool and attractive, but they drain a quite amount of battery. By changing live wallpaper to normal wallpaper can slightly extend your phone’s battery life.
  3. Use black wallpaper or black theme
    Since black color is very dark, the screen don’t have to spend too much energy for creating colors and therefore, it uses less battery.
  4. Remove home screen widgets that you don’t need
    The more widgets placed on the home screen, the more RAM they took for running theapplications, resulting in more battery consumption. So trying not to go overboard with these.
  5. Keep your battery away from extreme heat
    Make sure that your battery isn’t exposed to extreme heat as battery will lose it’s capacity when hot.
  6. Disable Auto Sync
    Many Applications like Gmail and other email apps eat up a lot of battery due to auto sync features. When push e-mail is not required, turn off the auto sync and manual synchronization when needed. To turn of auto sync, go to Settings -> Accounts and Sync -> uncheck the ‘Auto-sync’.
  7. Turn off WIFI when not in use
    The other kind of network connection that the android phone can connect to is Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi isavailable where there’s a hotspot – not virtually everywhere like 3G. If you turn on the WiFi connection, it will keep looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot which may drain your battery life. So, keep Wi-Fi turned off, unless you’re using it right now.
  8. Disable haptic feedback
    Haptic feedback gives touchscreen keyboards the sensation of a physical layout through small vibrations. While this feature can make typing feel more natural, it can affect your battery life. To disable haptic feedback, go to Settings -> Sound. Scroll down to system and uncheck Haptic feedback.
  9. Turn off location services
    Location services such as GPS and Google Maps are very useful when it comes to find directions or locations, but they are also consume a lot of battery. So unless you are using it right now, keep them turned off.




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