We usually receive feedback of users about compatibility between StartPrint and users’ printers. Our team discussed and worked together to solve this issue because StarPrint’s mission is helping users easily print from tablets and smartphones anywhere, anytime.


In the past, although StarPrint could support 4000+ printer models, we know that 4000+ means not all printers. In order to improve user experiences with StarPrint, we have figured out how to SUPPORT ALL PRINTER MODELS. And now we are proud of informing that the lastest version 4.00.00 is OUT NOW and users never feel worried about if your printer is compatible with StarPrint. With the version 4.00.00, StarPrint is becomming the only Android print app that can support almost all printers.

Last but not least, StarPrint would love to listen more experiences from users. So if you have any interesting story, let us know and share with others.


How to update?

To update, please visit Google Play or Amazon Store, where you downloaded the print app.

Google Play: https://goo.gl/4sEDCi

Amazon Store: https://goo.gl/AQyhbj

Whether you get any problems to print from your android devices, please use Ask Expert feature in Menu to get help.