My friend – Josh, is a technology worshipper. He always brings his Samsung smartphone everywhere he is. He loves it because he can do many things even when he is not in the office. It looks like a mobile office that he can send email, chatwork, check Excel document, edit simple MS Word, ect. However, he got an issue

when printing from his smartphone because the native app couldn’t support all printer models. He could not choose the printer to print because it depended on where he was and he had to be back office to use his printer. One of the worst experiences he got that when his partners had wanted to sign the contract before they went to bussiness trip but he didn’t have the laptop and the printing app didn’t work at that time. And then he lost that chance and realized that it was time to find another printing app without this issue

He asked me and I showed he StarPrint.


Why StarPrint?

It’s because StarPrint is one of the few Android print app that can support almost ALL PRINTERS and work from Android 2.3 to the latest Android. If you can find your printers in the list? Just send request to developer and you will have it within 24 hours. StarPrint also supports to print MS Office and Open Office so that you don’t have to worry about lagging your works.

It is Josh’s story. How about you? We are looking forward to hearing more stories from you.


How to update?

To update, please visit Google Play or Amazon Store, where you downloaded the print app.

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Whether you get any problems to print from your android devices, please use Ask Expert feature in Menu to get help.