In June-July, StarPrint Team has conducted a survey to understand printing needs of users. 

The team really appreciates that everyone responded straightforwardly to the survey. From that, we can build a better printing app to meet various demands. 

As to thank for your help, StarPrint Team did a lucky draw for all respondents. 20 lucky users in the following list will be rewarded a free StarPrint license.

*Note: The license can be transferred to another person, and cannot be redeemed for cash.

starprint winner announcement

If your job does not require extremely powerful hardware to do complex tasks, then you may forget your PC and use a tablet to do everything. New smartphones or tablets are fast enough and well integrated with multiple mobile working functions. Here are a few tips to use tablets for work in the smart way:

Using cloud storage

The ‘cloud storage’ term means that you uploaded data to the internet instead of storing locally on one device. Although many of us have ever heard of them, but still few people actually use them regularly.

If you have a photo printer at home with Wi-Fi connection, it is very easy to print your favorite photos in the tablet to make a family album or postcard or any purpose you want.

Besides, to start a computer to print is inconvenient sometimes, while it is very useful to download an app and print directly from your tablet.
There are many mobile print apps in the market, and we can instruct you to print with StarPrint.

Today, there are too many printer brands and models, which might confuse anyone about their quality. But if you have to buy one and make a choice, what would that be? The answer isn't simple. It depends on your printing purpose. Do you want a high-quality, famous, and expensive brand name? Or do you want a printer that can do anything including printing, photocopy, scanning, faxing? Or what you want can be a single-function laserjet printer? This hot list from CNET may provide you some reference.