A suitable phone will help you enjoy more high-tech with many amazing applications. But sometimes,the problem that you have to handle is not about which application you choose, it's about the type of Android phone you have to buy. We have some suggestions that can help you reflect more about your needs and then you have a right phone to try StarPrint with us.

1. Screen size you want

Your Android phone is getting slow down and you can not install Star Print for printing? Don't worry. We will show some ways to help your phone run faster and then you can enjoy our mobile printing app.

  1. Turn off live wallpaper
    Although the live wallpaper can make your phone display look more attractive, but it can slow down the performance of your phone as the animations require power to keep it running. So by turning off live wallpaper can make your phones become slightly lighter and smoother.

Free Printable Calendar 2016

Year 2016 has just begun. Have you written your own resolution for this year?

You may need a calendar to arrange schedule and time during the year.
Instead of buying table calendars or checking date on tiny screens of smartphones, you can print out these calendars by yourself everywhere, every time.